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Visit the Top Bars in Paphos

January 17, 2018
Bar hopping, especially when in a new city is almost like a mandatory outing. Whether with your friends or family, Paphos offers a variety in terms of bars, especially with the stunning views they offer of the picturesque city. Spend your days wandering the streets exploring the culture, and sit back and let loose during your nights out partying as the locals do in some of the top bars in the city. Whether it’s wine or cocktail, we have you covered!
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Things to do in New Year in Paphos

December 29, 2017
Another year ends, and a new one begins. During this long holiday, now is the perfect time to visit the city of Paphos for having a relaxed vacation and to contemplate how to start off the New Year. You can check out some well-known city attractions like the Tomb of the Kings, Pafos Zoo, and even the beautiful beaches during your visit to the city. We have written about some things that will ease your mind and that you can do during your visit to Paphos on New Year’s Eve for a hassle-free experience.
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Must Try Foods in Paphos

November 27, 2017
Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or prefer meat, there is a wide variety of local food items to be enjoyed and savoured during your stay in Paphos. We have written about the top 3 food items that you must taste, which range from an appetizer, main course to dessert. Try all or try one, but this Cypriot local cuisine is sure to leave your stomach growling and asking for more. Buon Appetit!
Thumbnail for Winter Season in Paphos - Things To Do

Winter Season in Paphos - Things To Do

October 23, 2017
One of the good things you should do for yourself next winter is to avoid rushing to those over stretched relaxation spots. The peace and excitement lie in trying something new and something that has not been overexploited. Cyprus comes across to people as a place where you can enjoy the raucous parties, the sunset cocktails, the sandy beaches among many other things. But there are some who are looking for something much different, and these could be found in the area known as Paphos. During the winter season, the testimony of the great weather of Cyprus comes to life. The scenic beauty and amazing weather is always an attraction for people who are seeking to escape the very harsh and atrocious weather of the northern part of Europe and the Americas.

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