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Paphos Geography

Paphos is a coastal city that is geographically located on the south-western tip of the island of Cyprus. Situated in the Paphos district, the city was initially divided into two parts Old Paphos and New Paphos. Today’s inhabited modern Paphos city is the New Paphos.

34°46′N 32°25′E


Paphos (or Pafos) is blessed with an ideal Mediterranean climate suitable for sightseeing. While the summers are long and hot, winters are quite short and not too cold. The spring and autumn seasons lie between the winters season, that's between December and February. Summers are stretched between mid-May to mid-October. The region is mostly dry with little rain and so the whole year is ideal for tourists to visit Paphos and enjoy their vacations.

The summers in Paphos are very hot and dry and the temperatures can reach up to 40°C (104°F). But the city being located along the coast, coastal breezes make the temperature bearable.

Average temperature per month in Paphos:

Jan12.6 °C 7.5 °CJul25.1 °C 20 °C
Feb12.4 °C 7.0 °CAug25.5 °C 20.6 °C
Mar13.4 °C 8.0 °CSep24.0 °C 18.4 °C
Apr16.5 °C 10.0 °COct21.0 °C 16.2 °C
May19.4 °C 14.0 °CNov17.0 °C12.2 °C
June22.7 °C 17.5 °CDec14.2 °C 9.3 °C


Winters in Paphos do not last long and are quite mild. Most of the rain also fall during this season. Weather is erratic as some days experience rain and some sun. Though overall the temperature is stable at 15°C. Evenings and nights can get quite cold, so do not forget your winter wear.

Average rainfall per month in Paphos:


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