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Winter Season in Paphos - Things To Do

Credit: Pixabay

One of the good things you should do for yourself next winter is to avoid rushing to those overstretched relaxation spots. The peace and excitement lie in trying something new and something that has not been overexploited. Cyprus comes across to people as a place where you can enjoy the raucous parties, the sunset cocktails, the sandy beaches among many other things. But there are some who are looking for something much different, and these could be found in the area known as Paphos. During the winter season, the testimony of the great weather of Cyprus comes to life. The scenic beauty and amazing weather is always an attraction for people who are seeking to escape the very harsh and atrocious weather of the northern part of Europe and the Americas.

Visit the Omodos village

Now, one of the most memorable moments you will have on this island is when you get to visit and experience the locals and enjoy the rural scenery. You can start by paying a visit to one of the rural villages. This will give you the feel of an amazing atmosphere, where, even in the midst of the beauties, the life here is very slow, like something set in the cobblestoned time-warp. One of the best of these villages to visit is Omodos Village. This is where you will enjoy the best traditional displays, with the bread rings being one of the many they hold dear. The famous George’s bakery is another one you will like here. This is where you will get the best Arkatena, and you can end this with a local lunch at Katoi Restaurant.

Lots of Hiking Trails on the Troodos Mountains

Again, you need to move away from the developed towns where you can enjoy the best casino. When you are here, you can choose from many, including the Kaledonia Nature Trail. It will take you uphill, through a 3 km hike that crisscrosses through pine forests that will eventually take you to the Kaledonia waterfalls which is amazingly beautiful. However, if you want to enjoy the sight of a Panagia Forviotissa Byzantine-frescoed church while hiking, you need to head over to the Asinou–Agios Theodoros trail.

Credit: Pixabay

Go Skiing

Another great thing you can enjoy while on Paphos this winter is skiing. Now, while many people may not know that skiing is a very good activity in Cyprus, we can guarantee you will have a good time. This sport could be enjoyed in the mountains of Paphos. The Troodos Mountain for, example, experiences some level of snowfall during the December period till around March. This is when winter sportspeople enjoy their pistes. While they do this, people who are not into this sport can enjoy the amazing landscape.

Enjoy the Christmas Festival

The Christmas festival in Cyprus is always amazing. The country has Easter as its most religious festival. However, they have also developed a unique Christmas festival that people from far and wide come to celebrate. You will enjoy the heavily decorated lights and trees, and then,  can let loose with the wine and parties.

Check out the Old Port

This is one spot you must not fail to visit. It is not just an amazing medieval port, but it harbours one of the heritage of the country and city, and this is the Paphos castle. Nothing has been removed from this landmark, as it still stands tall in magnificence. You will enjoy the sight of the locals around, the tiny fish, and many other things as you wander about this sightseeing spot. 

Explore the Paphos Forest and the Diarazou River

The next best thing you will enjoy here is its natural scenic views. The forest involves an array of trees, shrubs, and animals that you will not find every day. The River will give you a true feeling of what Paphos is, a place of peace.

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