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Dive into Paphos's Vibrant Entertainment Scene

Credit: Wendy Wei/Pexels

Paphos is the ultimate hangout to enjoy some top entertaining things. Need inspiration for a quirky night out with friends? Get ready to engage your senses in the coastal experiences and nightlife in the gorgeous city as you plan the perfect holiday. Check out our top picks on entertainment in Paphos on your next trip.

Indulge in the city’s coastal chronicles

A great way to experience the Paphos coastline is to drive around. You can rent a car to explore the traditional villages, visit a shipwreck, and discover ancient sea caves. For adventure-seekers, you can plan a swim or a paddle on some of the gorgeous beaches. Take time to witness the spectacular sunsets and click some stunning photographs.

Try the Cypriotic drinks

Credit: Dylan de Jonge/Unsplash

Paphos has an amazing nightlife. With cool bars and pubs in the city, guests will love to spend time at the fabulous hotspots. Over great conversations with friends and family, one cannot avoid sampling a great selection of Cypriot drinks in Paphos. Try something new or sip something refreshing while soaking in some sun. You can try liquorice-flavoured Cyprus Ouzo, the refreshing yoghurt drink Ayran, and the fiery Zivania (aka Cypriot whiskey), a high-alcohol drink, amongst others.

Enjoy night cruising with fireworks

Enjoy a night in the backdrop of mesmerising fireworks aboard a luxury coastal cruiser. Guests can look forward to an entertainment-packed night with food, drinks, and a live show while cruising. Get ready to catch the setting sun and the gorgeous Paphos coastline light up by night.

Self-Guided Sherlock Holmes murder mystery game

How about planning to be part of a fun activity with your family? Enjoy stepping into the shoes of detective Sherlock Holmes, as you play to solve the murder of Balthazar. You can look forward to playing a scavenger hunt filled with brain teasers, puzzles & hilarious photo tasks. If this excites you, indulge in the self-guided tour, where you can have fun and interactively walk around the city.

Experience the nightlife in the city

Paphos has an exciting nightlife, and guests can enjoy visiting some of the most stylish and chilled hangouts. With lots of places to spend lively evenings and nights out, enjoy the live music at some thrilling pubs, bars, and restaurants in the city.

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