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Five Wonderful Things to Do in Paphos

Credit: Viator

Situated in Cyprus, the coastal city of Paphos is slowly rising as a popular tourist destination among travellers from all over the world. The city holds an interesting history and sightseeing attractions. When planning a holiday in Paphos, make sure to try at least one or all of these outdoor activities for a holiday packed with fun! Why relax when you can explore!

Luxury Cruise around Paphos

If you prefer a relaxing holiday on the water, then book a cruise tour and enjoy the holiday watching the coastal views of Paphos. Soak in the scenic views around you and take a swim in the crystal clear waters as well!

Explore the Coral Bay

The sandy beach at Coral Bay is a paradise during summer. You can enjoy several water sports activities and even have a meal at one of the many restaurants by the beach and spend the day frolicking in the water!

Experience Horse Riding at the Eagle Mountain Ranch

Take your kids for another family outing in the quiet countryside area of Mesogi. The Eagle Mountain Ranch is a short drive away about 7.5kms (4.5 miles) from Paphos and provides the best horse riding experience. Tailor it to your needs and enjoy a custom experience!

Family Fun at the Paphos Zoo

Paphos Zoo is the perfect chance to enjoy a family outing during the day in this Cypriot city. The 10,000 sq.m area consists of a variety of wildlife to see and learn about. Besides the entertaining animals, there is also a children’s petting area within the zoo grounds. A thrilling experience for your little ones!

Visit the Lara Turtle Bay Conservation Station

A brilliant way to relax and experience the natural wildlife in Paphos is by visiting Lara Bay in Akamas. It is situated roughly 25km (15.5 miles) away and takes around 1 hour to drive. You can enjoy a dip in the sea and grab an opportunity to see the turtles on the beach and explore the scenery.

Prepare for an exciting holiday at Paphos by booking a tour at the earliest and grabbing the exclusive offers as soon as possible!

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