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5 Scenic Villages Near Paphos You Must Explore

road trip
Credit: Pixabay/PublicDomainPictures

Paphos is a popular tourist destination on Cyprus island with the most beautiful weather, gorgeous sunsets and crystal clear water surrounded by sandy beaches. While the vibe of the city is like any touristy location, there are plenty of hidden gems for you to explore. This year's end, ditch the crowd of the city and take a road trip to check out some scenic villages. What you will see will amaze you!


Choulou is 25 km (15.5 miles) away and roughly 350 m above sea level. With 120 locals who call this place their home, you'll find the peace and solitude you are looking for. Head over if you love some peace, especially during the holiday season. Your family will appreciate the cosy vibes of the small town village.


Whether it's a romantic getaway or a quick weekend trip, Panagia should be on your list. A 30-minute ride is all it takes to travel 33 km (20 miles) inland, where you will see monastery houses, churches and even museums that have historical significance. This place is a must-visit regardless of your religion because of the history you will see and learn!


Kallepia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages you will ever see! The mountainous village is around 600 m above ground level and nearly 16 km (10 miles) from Paphos. A quick 20-minute ride will take you to a quiet escape where you can spend time with your partner, eat delicious cooked meals and explore the local vineyards. Drink, dine & devour!


Polemi is a small quaint village up north and at a short distance from the city. It's about a 30-minute ride between Paphos and Polemi, as it is nearly 20 km (12 miles) away, but this is also a chance to stop by and enjoy the local scenery. If you prefer a day's worth of adventure, stop by the nearby local villages before heading to the Polemi tavern and enjoying a hearty meal & drink. The people are quite friendly!


Unlike other villages on the list, Chloraka is a small village north of Paphos, around 5 km (3 miles) away from the city centre. A quick 10-minute ride either by a rental car or on a bus can transport you to a peaceful part of the island that is a blend of the old and the new. Join the Christmas celebrations with the locals and spend time wondering what life would have been like in the old times.

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