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Choirokoitia Wanderlust: Exploring Paphos’ Neolithic Neighbour

Panagia Tou Kampou, Choirokoitia
Panagia Tou Kampou, Choirokoitia. Credit: Pixabay/Dimitris Vetsikas

It's profound to get a glimpse into the island's Neolithic history by visiting Choirokoitia. Plus, there are several things to do and see at Choirokoitia. Though visitors may not have a choice of a wide range of activities compared to more modern tourist destinations, still visiting UNESCO sites has its charm. Plus, it is a fine spot for history enthusiasts. Interesting? then plan a serene day trip from Paphos to this neolithic settlement of Choirokoitia?

Explore the archaeological site

The main attraction is the well-preserved Neolithic settlement. The prehistoric site was occupied from the 7th to the 4th millennium B.C. and is one important UNESCO site in the eastern Mediterranean. Take time to wander through the reconstructed dwellings and get a sense of how people lived around 7,000 years ago. The site includes circular houses built from mud brick and stone, defensive walls, and other structures. Panagia tou Kampou, the church dedicated to Our Lady was built during the 7th century.


Choirokoitia's archaeological site is picturesque, and the well-preserved ruins and landscape make it a great location for photography. Keep your camera handy to capture the ancient structures and the surrounding natural beauty. Learn the history of the archaeological site to add significant captions to your clicks!

Choirokoitia ruins
Houses from circa 6000 BC, Choirokoitia
Credit: Pan narrans / CC BY-SA 3.0

Nearby Nature Trails

Some sites have nature trails or walking paths around the archaeological area. Take a stroll through the nearby natural surroundings, enjoy the local flora and fauna, and appreciate the landscape. Choirokoitia offers a narrow hiking trail with calming views of the Maroni River valley. Those who wish to choose a more adventurous outing must check out hiking, mountain biking, and climbing near Paphos. The city has some incredible sightseeing and backpacking trip options for nature lovers and tourists.

Picnicking and enjoying local cuisine

If permitted, you might consider bringing a picnic and enjoying a meal in the scenic surroundings. Be sure to check the site's rules and regulations regarding picnicking before planning this. Food is a huge part of the culture and guests must try some unique delicacies, to relish the local gastronomy and add timeless memories to their vacation. 

Get ready to discover the UNESCO site of Choirokoitia on a day trip from Paphos. Take time out to spend a serene day exploring the Neolithic wonders.

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