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Things to Keep in Mind while Exploring Paphos

lighthouse of paphos
lighthouse of Paphos. Credit: Pxhere

The city of Paphos boasts of a wonderful coastline along with historic city attractions that make it an interesting place to stay at. While the Cypriot city is slowly loosening up the lockdown regulations, we have mentioned a few things you need to know and pay attention to, whether you are a resident or if you are someone visiting from another town. It is always better to have precautions.

Wear Mask in Crowded Areas

Wearing a mask may or may not be mandatory in certain areas of Paphos post lockdown, but you can do your part and protect yourself and others by taking the necessary precaution. Try wearing it only in public spots and use washable ones so that it can have multiple uses!

Sanitise Regularly

Have a bottle of sanitiser in your bag at all times, whether it is at a local restaurant or if it is while you are on the go. There is no harm to staying safe. And, always washing your hands is an excellent way to avoid falling sick or infecting others. Don’t forget to sneeze or cough in your hands and sanitise them immediately after, without touching anything!

Boost Up your Immunity

Avoid junk food and stock up on some citrus fruits and juices to boost up your immunity. Try eating healthy, home-cooked meals filled with vegetables and munch on some multi-vitamin tablets to give your body the healthy treatment it needs. Taking care of your body is the best thing to do right now!

Maintain Social Distance

It doesn’t matter if you are sick or healthy, maintaining social distance helps keep the public spots from being too crowded. The rules might be lifted, but doing the necessary work to avoid falling sick is worth standing for, at a distance! If you meet up with friends or go out in a large family group, try sanitising as that can make all the difference!

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