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The Perfect Walking and Hiking Holiday in Paphos

Credit: Pexels

The azure blue seas and gilded sand beaches make the picturesque coastal city of Paphos an ideal hiking and walking destination. A walking holiday amid incredible natural trails can be bliss. If you are craving to hike during COVID-19, these tips can help to enjoy the recreation responsibly. We’ve mentioned some of the best hiking and walking trails in and around Paphos for you.

Best Walking, Hiking, and Nature Trails

1. Troodos Mountains

The Troodos Mountains has some exciting hiking routes and accessible paths. The trails are featured with great views, beautiful pine forests, and juniper trees. If you're looking for an easy trail then you could pick up something like the Atalanti trail. Hikers can also look out for a great blend of hard and easy trails, such as the Artemis, Presephone trails, among others.

2. Millomeris Waterfall

The Millomeris waterfall attracts many visitors. With the summers setting in, it is an ideal time to enjoy a waterfall hiking trail. For those who love a flat and short trail, this one is a must-see. It is also possible to drive almost all the way to the waterfall and leave the car a few minutes' walk to the waterfalls.

3. Caledonia (Kaledonia) Waterfall

Another interesting waterfall trail is the Caledonia (Kaledonia) waterfall, which is at the heart of the Troodos mountains. It has two interesting options, with a longer hike starting in the north and a shorter one from the south.

Top Tips to Hike Safely During COVID-19

  • Avoid carpooling. You may choose to drive in cars with family and friends.
  • Practice social distancing while hiking. Keep your distance from others (6+ feet at least)
  • Avoid neck gaiters or bandanas, and keep a mask handy.
  • Avoid petting dogs or let other people pet your dog.
  • Plan well before hiking to stock up on food, water, gas tank, and more.

Get ready to enjoy some spectacular strolls in Paphos and the surrounding areas.

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