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Faith, Fun, and Frolic: Kataklysmos Extravaganza in Paphos

Credit: Pixabay/Dimitris Vetsikas

Traditions make the cultural fabric rich in any place. The good part is you get to experience the richness, and it's always a great time to visit because you can see the city in a different aura and splendour. Paphos celebrates Kataklysmos (the flood festival) somewhere in early June. If you're planning a trip around the festival, here are a few things you must know. Remember to double-check the date so as not to miss out on the fun, festivities, and sightseeing.

The traditions

Kataklysmos (the flood festival) brings together locals and visitors for its celebrations. The unique festival courses back to ancient Greek mythology and Christian traditions. With strong pagan roots, the festival relates to the Greek myth of Deukalion. The son of Prometheus sets out to build an ark to survive the floods and this also relates to the Old Testament tale of Noah’s ark.

Kataklysmos is one celebration that rings of festive fervours. Typically, the festivities take place 50 days after Easter. Thus, the date changes yearly per the date of Easter. The festival has evolved, and it's a great time to visit the harbours and look for exciting outdoor activities.

Delectable food

It's a wonderful time to taste delicious local food. Kataklysmos is an excellent opportunity to savour the food at the many stalls, and visitors will find sweet crepes, mini doughnuts, BBQ sweet corn, and many traditional dishes. The seafront teems with all sorts of stalls, and the air is festive and a great time to sample the mouth-watering foods and beverages.

Folk music performances

The festival is also the place for mesmerising concerts and various exciting performances. Visitors can grab the opportunity to watch folk dances and enjoy the numerous artists playing music and dancing and more. In Paphos, there are plenty of opportunities for festivities and games, which include pottery making, musical games, pony rides, and more. Join the celebrations and have a truly festive time.


With the festive celebrations come fantastic opportunities for shopping for traditional art and craft items at the commercial stalls along the harbours. The market stalls have an incredible variety of local handicrafts, and guests will love to admire the wares and shop for loved ones.

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