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Experience Easter Bliss with Family-friendly Things To Do

dinner table
Credit: Pixabay/RiteE

Paphos emerges as an enchanting destination to celebrate the joyous occasion of Easter. Steeped in history and with plenty of family-friendly things to do, get ready to plan your Easter vacation in Paphos. Here are some amazing sightseeing opportunities and things to do during Easter with your friends and family.

Enjoy the gastronomic delights

Easter is an ideal time to enjoy traditional dishes, such as lamb roasted on a spit, flaounes (cheese pastries), and tsoureki (small cheese pies in puff pastry). There are paskies (small meat pies) and koulouria (biscuits made of milk, flour, spices and sugar), which are some must-try delights. The aroma of the outdoor roasting is worth experiencing, and not to mention the lip-smacking flavours.

Experience the traditional festivities

Take time to be part of The Greek Orthodox Church, which has special Easter services. Attending the mesmerising midnight Mass services that resonate through historic churches is an experience worth planning out for. Guests will enjoy embarking on a journey through time as Paphos unveils its cultural tapestry during the Easter season. Get ready to check out the Easter celebrations in the city and have a fun time.

Indulge in fun things

child flying a kite
Credit: Pexels/Jonathan Borba

The city is blessed with good sunshine, so catch the cheery atmosphere. Have fun watching children flying kites and get awe-struck by the fireworks displays held outside most churches. During your visit, get ready to enjoy some live traditional Cypriot music. Wait! There are games too in village squares and churchyards. Plan your itinerary to have a fun vacation and witness your family create timeless memories.

Participate in cultural events

Elevate your Easter experience by participating in cultural events and festivities that bring the community together. Plan the itinerary to enjoy local concerts, art exhibitions, vibrant street fairs, and more. Paphos is just the place to have a memorable vacation where you can embrace the spirit of Easter with a lively atmosphere.

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