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Food & Drinks

Middle Eastern Restaurants to Visit in Paphos

Tebboleh (tabboleh)
Credit: Pixabay

As the coastal city of Cyprus, Paphos is a highly sought out tourist destination for travellers and explorers wanting to relax and unwind close to the sea. The city’s beautiful beaches and historic attractions also make sure to keep tourists engaged during their visit. While there is plenty to eat, the Middle Eastern cuisine particularly has many top restaurants in Paphos for you to enjoy. Eat up!!

The Marrakech

With outdoor seating, the Marrakech in Paphos provides both meat and vegan options for you to enjoy. The Lebanese couscous with the spicy vegetables is a favourite while you can also enjoy tasty falafel, hummus, tebboleh and baba ganoush as well!
Where: 75 Chrysoneras Ave Mediterranean Plaza, Kissonerga, Paphos, Cyprus, 8574

ERAM Garden Bar Restaurant

ERAM Garden Bar and Restaurants provide a wide array of cocktails and drinks to enjoy with traditional Middle Eastern dishes. The place is bustling with activity and there are plenty of visitors of all age groups that come around to have some fun.
Where: Tombs of the Kings road, No.15, shop 1, Paphos 8046, Cyprus

To Palati

To Palati is roughly 30min away from the main city of Paphos, but a drive is well worth it! The restaurant offers hearty traditional meals with large portion sizes. While there is limited seating, the fresh and authentic food dishes make up for the large crowds and long waiting time.
Where:Grigori Auksentiou, Giolou, Cyprus

Michalos Kebab House

Credit: Pexels

Michalos Kebab House (Mixalos Kebab House) is a family-run restaurant with perfectly cooked meats all combined with authentic flavour. Besides the well-seasoned kebabs, the place also provides greek food dishes to add up some variety in the meals. Head up there if you are a fan of both!
Where: Ioanni Agroti, Paphos, Cyprus

Is your mouth watering yet? Visit Paphos, explore the city by booking a tour then relax and dine at the city’s best food spots for a wholesome holiday experience!

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