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Spend a Day at the Paphos Zoo

Ara Hybrid Parrot
Ara Hybrid Parrot. Credit: Pixabay

The sun is out, the weather is perfect and the lockdown measures have finally eased up in the coastal city of Paphos! How do you make the most of this time? Treat your loved ones to a dining experience like no other at the city’s best restaurants, or gather your kids and spend some time away from work enjoying the Paphos Zoo. Your little ones will appreciate the quality time and the extra attention!

Paphos Zoo was originally planned to be a bird sanctuary but then was later modified to become a zoo and offer the public a display of the enormous display of birds among other animals. It is set in a natural environment with lush vegetation for all animals in an area that is roughly 100,000 sq.m. Home to hundreds of species of mammals, reptiles and birds, the Paphos Zoo boasts of the largest collection of exotic birds and venomous reptiles in all of Europe with over 1200 animals.

One of the first established and largest licensed zoos in Cyprus, the Paphos Zoo is open all year round, 365 days of the year, though the timings may now differ. The zoo offers up a natural wildlife experience like no other, and visiting there can take away your whole day. There are lions, giraffes, crocodiles, monkeys, tigers, white lions, owls, macaws and many more that are brought from all over the world.

Paphos Park
Paphos Park
Credit: An. Antoniou / CC BY-SA 3.0

Committed to protecting the animals and preserving nature, the Paphos Zoo is a perfect place to hone in your natural senses and help your child get used to learning about the animals and work towards protecting all the natural wonders of the world. This space can enrich and compel you to look at the world from a larger perspective, taking in all the sounds and feelings that you may not find in the bustling city.

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