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5 Romantic Ideas for a Honeymoon in Cyprus

Caucasian girl with boyfriend
Caucasian girl with boyfriend. Credit: lookstudio /

Have you been to Cyprus? Cyprus is the answer if you need a pristine environment with a beautiful landscape and a natural green environment. It’s a common vacation destination for the majority of Canadians every year.

It has a coastline that has crystalline bays. If you have a honeymoon, the serene atmosphere will give you a heavenly feeling that will allow you to establish a connection with your partner. You will enjoy walking in the sunset along the coast as you enjoy the refreshing air from the coastline. But that’s not just all you will do at the coast.

We linked up with our expert Lucas Goldberg to enlighten you on some of the ideas to consider during your romantic honeymoon in Cyprus. Here are the Romantic Ideas for a honeymoon in Cyprus.

Visit the Cypriot beach

Do you need to be somewhere away from the crowd while in Cyprus, but you don’t know the exact place? Worry no more because Lara Bay got you sorted. It’s a deserted beach that will allow you to enjoy the feeling with your partner.

The fact that it’s deserted does not mean that it is an insecure place. It enjoys peace and is under protection, thus preventing any obstructions and harm. While at the beach, you will get an opportunity to see green turtles laying eggs. It also has wild goats and birds.

Access to the beach is possible by 4x4 hence requiring you to have or hire one. Also, you need to carry your food, shade, and drink. It also enjoys a tranquil serenity, thus attracting many couples on a romantic honeymoon.

Try casino gaming in Cyprus

Have you ever thought about playing your favourite casino game on your honeymoon? If you are a passionate gamer, you won’t leave gaming out. But if you have never tried gaming, it will be a wise idea to try it.

Many casinos in Cyprus will make your honeymoon experience unique and memorable. They have all the modern casino equipment that any gamer would admire. Cyprus’s gambling environment allows online casino real money sites that operate in Canada to operate there too without obstacles. You will only need a good gaming gadget for your game and get rolling.

St Hilarion Castle

Kyrenia Mountain Range hosts the St Hilarion Castle, which is perched high on the mountain. It’s beautiful, making it on top among the honeymoon destinations. You can reach the historical sites in a few minutes either in a taxi or your car.

The stonewalls, fragmented stairways, and crumbling towers are exciting things that make the place admirable to most visitors. You will also have a good view of the island, thus making the experience memorable.

When you reach the top of the mountain when they are clear, you will have the privilege of seeing the Turkish Mainland. Also, don’t forget to put on proper shoes as you walk on the sand.

Cape Greko Park

If you are a couple who likes exploring new places, Cape Greko will be ideal for you to visit. The park is known for many reasons. It has several honeymoon couples activities that will make you enjoy your stay there.

Its untouched nature, sparkling Mediterranean Sea cliffs, and vistas make it a top preference. Many signposts in the park will guide you, and guidance is also available should you feel that you need it. You don’t need sophisticated means to access the scenic park zones considering that it’s accessible either by car or bicycle.

Couple on a beach
Credit: lookstudio /

Concern at Moonlight

If you want to attend concerts held under the canopy of stars in the evening, Moonlight is the perfect destination. It’s the home of all shows in Cyprus. Dancing all night is among the exciting ideas of enjoying the honeymoon. Visiting the place in the evening is perfect because you will also get meals made by top chefs hence a better way to enjoy the concert.

Are you still stranded about honeymoon ideas for her when you visit Cyprus? We bet you are not because the above ideas are perfect if you want to have a memorable experience. They will allow you to access all the exciting places you have ever yearned.

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