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Reasons to Travel Solo to Paphos

Credit: Flickr / Peter Collins / CC BY-SA 2.0

Are you living the backpacking life and want to visit Paphos? Paphos, well known as the European capital of culture has indeed a lot to offer, regardless of the company you are traveling with. While there may be many debates regarding safety, keeping in mind the local rules and laws can always ensure a pleasant holiday experience. Read more to find out why exactly you can visit Paphos on your solo travels.


The city of Paphos regularly celebrates multiple events and festivals with a prime aim of getting the whole city involved. The city is transformed during the festivities where travelers get the unique chance of learning about the city history and culture during these events.


One of the main reasons to visit the city is because of its unique position as a UNESCO-listed site. The entire city contains years of history, with battles won and lost and lands conquered. One of the most popular spot in the district’s Archaeological Park, which is the place for Roman villas and mosaics, which is actually the gem of the city. Don’t miss it!

Nature and Beaches

Want a breath of fresh air? In Paphos, you will get plenty. This safe city will be a dream for all solo travelers as you get to wander the streets and explore the beaches well into the sunset. The warm waters and soft sands also provide the perfect backdrop for amazing pictures!

Food and Drinks

Cypriot wine
Cypriot Wine Tour
Credit: Flickr / Graeme Churchard / CC BY 2.0

In Paphos, the Cypriot wine dates back to nearly 5000 years, and the food is freshly plucked from the harbor allowing the chefs to spread their creative wings. During your solo travels be sure to check out their delicious Sheftalia sausage, succulent kleftiko, and grilled Halloumi cheese as you pair it with Commandaria, a toffee flavored wine. Talk about yummy!
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